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Ryan Mason Might Offer Tottenham A Much Needed Reprieve

By The Boy -

Tottenham’s 2022/23 season is unlikely to go down in the club’s history books as a memorable one. Sure, there’s been no dalliance with relegation, but in all other respects, it’s been one fraught with niggling negatives within the squad, and the club itself has been run ragged by the consequences of bad appointments.

After Spurs threw away a lead against struggling (and soon to be relegated) Southampton, Antonio Conte worked himself into a spin and stormed back to Italy. Conte’s assistant Cristian Stellini took over and produced results that were just as uninspiring, so he didn’t last long. The next man through the revolving door was Ryan Mason. It’s early days, but the limitations of the squad means that it’s most likely, all against him. The best that can happen is that the club navigates its way through the remaining five games without further major incident, and takes the summer to review the direction ENIC take Tottenham Hotspur Football Club in.

The summer transfer window will see many fans taking the opportunity to relax and take a break from the highs and lows of Premier League football, and we’ve always found Ignition poker to offer a great respite from all the dull day to day stuff. Many football people will look to travel, and many will enjoy a different type of sport. A change is as good as a rest.

For Daniel Levy, this period will all be about getting his house in order and finding a way to convince supporters that his focus is firmly on the football side of his investment portfolio, so is Ryan Mason the right man for the job?

Daniel Levy might have caught a break with this lad. He clearly understands the size of the whole he’s been asked to mind, and I’m going to get in early here and suggest that if he were to deliver hope a permanent appointment isn’t a ridiculous notion.

In his first press conference this season ahead of the Manchester United clash, Ryan Mason equipped himself extremely well, and didn’t answer questions he didn’t want to, and actually conducted the press conference, unlike too many of his predecessors who sat there, simply waiting for it to be over. Mason is certainly ‘the player’s friend’, but let me be clear, currently, there is currently so little hope, but if this kid can get his hands on some, then the club will have stumbled upon an opportunity of a lifetime.


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